Compared to the remote corners of the tea session, the upper echelons of the Lin family, in the seats of honor, constantly chatted with Shen Tu Nantian. With that, Shen Tu Nantian naturally became the focus of everyone’s attention. Without a doubt, he could be said to be the main lead of this tea session.

On the Shen Tu family clan’s side, some of the older generation from the upper echelons intended to give the stage to Shen Tu Nantian for him to flaunt his skills.

If the Elders of the Lin family acknowledged Shen Tu Nantian, then this marriage would most naturally be a success.

After one hour passed in the tea session, Shen Tu Nantian stood up and said, “Everyone. This Desolate Heaven technique tea session is firstly, for everyone to exchange their Desolate Heaven technique knowledge and improve on it together. Secondly, it is to prove to the Lin family that my Shen Tu family clan has passable Desolate Heaven technique standards. Since everyone have mostly eaten their fill by now, why not let some children from my Shen Tu family clan go on stage to perform some skills to add some fun!”

As Shen Tu Nantian said this, he signaled with his eyes, and a Shen Tu Nantian child sitting into the outer regions jumped up to the middle of the square. He looked about 16 years of age and was wearing the uniform of the Shen Tu family clan. He seemed to be in high spirits.

“All seniors and heroes, I am Shen Tu Jun and I am seventeen years old this year. I am the direct disciple of the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven Master Shen Tu Yanfei. Today, with all the experts gathered her for the tea session, let me venture forth to show some tricks, hoping to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions. Please excuse my shortcomings!”

As Shen Tu Jun spoke, with a snap, a desolate bone appeared in his hand like magic.

Everyone present were experts in the Desolate Heaven technique. From a distance, people could see that the desolate bone was just a normal desolate beast’s bone.

To many 17 year old Desolate Heaven Master apprentices, controlling a normal desolate bone was a drop in their status. However, just controlling it to show something spectacular was still a feast for the eyes.


Shen Tu Jun shouted clearly and a Desolate Heaven technique disk array appeared from his interspatial ring. Following that, Shen Tu Jun began forming seals with his hands. One runic seal after the other was sent out by him, dancing in the air.

Immediately, the desolate bone’s energy was rapidly extracted by Shen Tu Jun.

Shen Tu Jun was showcasing his speed. He could extract energy from normal desolate bones very quickly. It only took about 30 seconds before the desolate bone in his hand was completely drained off its energy!

This desolate bone turned grayish-white and was casually tossed away by Shen Tu Jun.


With a snap, the desolate bone, which had lost all its essence, shattered like a ceramic tile falling onto the ground.

And at this moment, Shen Tu Jun carried on making more seals. After a short while, the Power of Desolates, that was dancing in the air, started to form into runes.

These runes were completely controlled by Shen Tu Jun, like a flock of birds flying in the sky.


Shen Tu June waved his hand and all of the runes began flying together, like a hundred birds following the wind.


Shen Tu Jun waved his hand again as the runes immediately split apart. It was like directing his own fists.

A bunch of runes began to move in a uniform manner, like a school of fish. It was a very beautiful sight.



In the surrounding pavilion, the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices from the Shen Tu family clan, and the family clans that were in an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan, began applauding and cheer on Shen Tu Jun.

Shen Tu Jun’s method was clearly not the technique used for refining desolate bone relics. It was purely a way of showcasing his ability to control energy and his seal-forming techniques. It was purely form. Of course, to really refine a desolate bone relic, no one would control the runes with such flashy but ineffective moves.

In the seats of honor, the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family’s upper echelons nodded their heads slightly as they were watching the performance.

However, Desolate Heaven Master like Su Jie and the middle-aged man, Sun, did not have such thoughts. This was a battle between the heritage between the two family clans. Furthermore, the Desolate Heaven Masters from both sides were always competing against each other, so none of them wanted to be inferior.

A Desolate Heaven Master Elder from the Lin family looked towards a pavilion on the outer circle and nodded. Following that a youth dressed in purple jumped onto the square.

He cupped his fists and said, “I am Lin Yue, the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Master Lin Fenglang’s direct disciple. I am also seventeen years old. Seeing Brother Shen Tu’s performance alone, it looks somewhat insubstantial, so as my fingers are itching, I decided to join you and hopefully bring a smile to everyone!”

As Lin Yue spoke, he took out a desolate bone he had prepared earlier. Using his fastest speed, he extracted the Power of Desolates from the desolate bone. Following that, he formed seals with both his hands and transformed the Power of Desolates into runic seals as a group of runes began to fly. Chapter 389: I don’t have much interest

Lin Yue’s seals were similar to Shen Tu Jun as they began taking form and turning into various shapes.

These seals were sometimes like a flying eagle, while at other times, they were like galloping desolate beasts.

When Shen Tu Jun and Lin Yue’s runic seals came close to one another, they would clash and burst into sparks.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

Many of the runic seals turned to smithereens after clashing with one another.

There was a number of ways for Desolate Heaven Masters to compete. It was not just simply seeing who could refine a higher quality desolate bone relic. For example, runic seal collisions determined whose runic seals were stronger, and that were determined by having better energy control and the use of higher-grade desolate bones.

Shen Tu Jun and Lin Yue’s runic seals clashed with one another as neither of them let up, trying every trick they had.

More and more runic seals turned to dust as Shen Tu Jun and Lin Yue’s faces were covered in cold sweat. Clearly, such a match greatly depleted their mental strength. Every annihilation of a runic seal was a hit to their soul.

It was understandable what sustained collisions would do to their mental strength.


Their runic seals bloomed like fireworks in the air and after about 30 seconds, a loud boom was heard as all the runic seals in the air exploded. Lin Yue took a few steps back and with his legs going weak, he fell to the ground.

Currently, his face was pale and he was covered in sweat. He clearly could not carry on any further.

As for Shen Tu Jun, he was no better than Lin Yue. He too was at his limit, but he had struggled with his final breath to not fall to the ground. This made it seem like he was more composed than Lin Yue.

“Haha, Junior brother Lin’s energy control is not bad, you nearly exploded all my runic seals.”

Although Shen Tu Jun was covered in sweat, he was smiling very proudly. He spread his hands and people could see that he still held two runic seals in them. Although these two runic seals were lacking in luster, and they were about to collapse at any moment, this still meant that Shen Tu Jun was slightly better than Lin Yue.


Outside the square, several Desolate Heaven Master apprentices shouted. These people were from the Shen Tu family clan or from the Shen Tu family clan’s alliance.

As for the people from the Lin family, the upper echelon did not think much about it as it was just a competition between the juniors to see who could outshine the other. However, the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices from the younger generation of the Lin family were all holding back their anger. Seeing the runic seals in Shen Tu Jun’s hands and his smug look, they felt even more indignant.

“Junior brother Lin Yue, such a pity!”

“Right, just missed by a bit!”

The juniors all pitied him. The performance of a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice was not stable. The degree to which Lin Yue and Shen Tu Jun competed meant that they were similar in strength. Sometimes, just a bit of luck was enough to decide the winner.

“Let me win it back.” A youth named Lin Jun said and jumped onto the square.

“I am Lin Jun, the Lin family’s Heaven Master Fusheng’s direct disciple. I am sixteen years old! Is there any hero from the Shen Tu family clan who wishes to join me in performing on stage together?”

Every young hero who jumped on stage would announce their name, age and their master.

The people who had come on stage were all direct disciples. Although direct disciples were slightly lower in status than personal disciples, they were not that bad.

Shen Tu Jun had left since he was too drained, so naturally, he could not stay in the square.

Facing Lin Jun was another disciple from the outer circles of the Shen Tu family clan.

Lin Jun indeed had the capital for he won the duel. Furthermore, Lin Jun won beautifully, he was not like Shen Tu Jun, who barely beat Lin Yue. After winning, Lin Jun still had some strength left. This allowed the younger generation of the Lin family win back some face.

Actually, the young generation of the Lin family knew that the Shen Tu family clan’s heritage in the Desolate Heaven technique was deeper than theirs; however, in a competition amongst the younger disciples, they actually might not lose.

“The Lin family’s young generation sure is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. This Lin Jun is not bad indeed.” In the seats of honor, Shen Tu Nantian smiled saying that. His tone was that of an elder giving pointers to a junior, “This way of competition is too slow. Why don’t we have a group battle?”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, he snapped his fingers. The Shen Tu family clan had already prepared a total of 32 young disciples aged from 13 to 18 years old people clan. They stepped forward and walked towards the square.

The 32 Desolate Heaven Master apprentices were all wearing a Shen Tu family clan uniform. They stood in a row on the square and gave a considerable visual impact.


Seeing the Shen Tu family clan suddenly pull out so many young heroes, the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters suddenly felt at a loss.

With 32 people competing against one another, they would do it one on one, so 32 people from the Lin family were needed.

Many Desolate Heaven Masters immediately gave their orders to get their disciples to choose suitable people to compete with the Shen Tu family clan.

These 32 people were clearly not the elite of the Shen Tu family clan, and they were just relatively normal in strength.

If they sent an elite up, winning this group battle would not be a problem; however, the Shen Tu family clan still had many experts that had not gone up, so this would result in their utter defeat.

In the Evening Breeze Pavilion Yi Yun was at, Lin Yuan received a voice transmission from the middle-aged man surnamed Sun to take part in this group battle.

“These fellows aren’t anything special. We do not need to send disciples with outstanding strength. We just need to send a few normal disciples who match their ages.” Lin Yuan stood up and said in the Evening Breeze Pavilion.

After a group battle, a lot of mental strength would be depleted, so it would naturally affect the future competitions, so the real experts could not be sent out.

“Senior brother, do I need to go?” Little Lin Qing asked in both an excited but nervous manner.

Lin Yuan glanced at Lin Qing. Although Lin Qing’s Desolate Heaven technique was not up to standard, she was still not bad compared to her age bracket as she was still young. After all, she was his junior sister and also, a personal disciple of their master. So to send her to compete in the chaotic group battle would be wasting talent on a trivial task.

“There’s no need. You and I do not need to go on stage as it would be a waste of talent. Wait till a 13 year old genius girl from the Shen Tu family clan comes on stage, then you can go up. Now, we just need to send some people who are relatively alright.”

Lin Yuan looked at the people in the Evening Breeze Pavilion and weighed their strength before comparing their ages.

“You, you and you.” Lin Yuan pointed a few people out as his gaze landed upon Yi Yun.

From the beginning of the tea session, the other Desolate Heaven Master apprentices of the younger generation would comment as they watched and as they compared with their own techniques while learning the merits of others.

However, Yi Yun was just sitting quietly in his seat. He did not say a word and it was not known if he knew anything.

Even with the group battle about to begin, he did not produce a single reaction.

Lin Yuan knew Yi Yun was Su Jie’s in-name disciple. Although in-name disciples were considered to be at the rank of a medicine boy, it was after all Su Jie, so Yi Yun could probably make the standard.

“I intend to choose four people. Since the numbers are lacking, why don’t you go up and fill the numbers?” Spiderman Evolution Lin Yuan said to Yi Yun, thinking that this was an opportunity for Yi Yun to go on stage. One had to know that at Desolate Heaven technique tea sessions, most young disciples never had a chance to go on stage to compete.

With Yi Yun’s strength, he may not get a chance to go on stage. And for the chaotic group match, even if his abilities were lacking, he would not lose too badly on stage, neither would it be too obvious. This was the best chance for the weak to go on stage.

“Junior brother Yun, you seem to know some Mystic Crystal Hand sealing techniques. Although your completion progress is just lacking by a bit, it will do. For this group match, just use your Mystic Crystal Hand. You just need to defend without going on the offensive.”

Lin Yuan gave some pointers to Yi Yun on the battle strategy. Two months ago, when Yi Yun first reached the Lin family, he had learned the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal from Su Jie. He had obtained a perfect completion of slightly more than 50 runic seals during his first try at the Mystic Crystal Hand.

As a Desolate Heaven technique apprentice who had just come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months, Yi Yun’s result could be said to be a miracle amongst miracles.

However, no one believed that Yi Yun was a rookie who had just learned the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months. Every believed that Yi Yun was just bragging. This weirdo and the strange matter revolving him were only used in trivial conversations and usually, as a topic of ridicule. This was the repulsiveness most people had as mocking others tended to make one feel good.

However, no one cared about this matter after a few days. After all, a joke could only be used a few times. It would lose its flavor after being heard too many times.

Later on, Yi Yun went into reclusive training and it was as if he had disappeared all of a sudden, no one paid any attention to this in-name disciple Su Jie took in on a whim.

“This kid sure has good luck. Usually, a technique like the Mystic Crystal Hand is not something one would showcase. However, it would not be too eye-catching in a chaotic group match.”

The other younger disciples silently agreed with Lin Yuan’s assignment. To be able to showcase themselves on stage in front of so many masters in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session was a valuable experience. Many people wished they had such an opportunity.

However, no one expected that for this matter, Yi Yun actually casually shook his head and said nonchalantly, “You should find someone else, I don’t have much interest…”

Author’s Note: This is a make-up chapter. Chapter 390: Five Elemental Bone Array

What? No interest?

Lin Yuan nearly thought he had heard wrongly.

The purpose of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session was to showcase the skills of each family clan in the Desolate Heaven technique, and it was a stage for the young heroes to perform on.

If one excelled in one’s performance, not only would it bring fame, one would also gain the attention of the upper echelons of the family clan. Then, one would be able to enjoy even more resources and have a prosperous future.

It was an opportunity many wished that they could experience, where they could display their skills. Yet, when Lin Yuan purposely prepared such an opportunity for Yi Yun, his reply was that he was not interested?

“Brother Yuan, ignore the kid. Since he does not dare to go, why not let me?”

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