Besides, from the look of things, it had been here for an extremely long time, and had certainly been coiled up in hibernation for more than just a few hundred years.

After some consideration, Ye Qingyu continued to draw near to it slowly.

The body technique he had cultivated was the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] which was imparted to him by the mysterious spirit from a million years ago, and so the True Dragon ahead seemed to bear some connection to him, while his instincts did not detect any kind of danger whatsoever. For any warrior, to see a True Dragon was always an exceedingly rare opportunity.

Soon, he was less than a hundred meters away from the hibernating True Dragon below.

He was as small as a speck of dust in front of this unimaginably colossal creature.

At these depths, the orange flaming lava was scorching to a terrifying extent, and even a Half-Saint realm expert would most likely be incinerated at once. Luckily, Ye Qingyu was a true-blue Saint realm expert and had cultivated a wisp of Immortal qi, and thus was able to endure it with some difficulty.

However, his diving route ahead was obstructed by an invisible power.

“What sort of power is this?”

Ye Qingyu reached a hand out to press on it.

He only now discovered that blocking his way was an invisible shield in the Void ahead. Although his palm created a concave palm print on it, it remained firm like no other and easily withstood his might, before returning to its usual form when he retracted his hand.

After several attempts, Ye Qingyu ascertained that although this invisible shield looked soft, it was actually extremely tough and indestructible, such that his strength was not enough to break through it.

“You want to save this old dragon? Hoho, give it up, that’s impossible.” The new sect master’s voice was heard from within the sealed blood pill.

Ye Qingyu was taken slightly aback.

How did this wicked voice pass through the seal on the blood pill once more?

He opened his palm, on which the blood pill then reappeared.

The black snake-like creature rapidly wandered and flounced about inside the blood pill while its voice was intermittently heard, “Junior, do you really think you could’ve defeated me if it wasn’t for the fact that I used more than half of my power to maintain the [Great Captured Dragon Glimmering Array] for the sake of devouring this old dragon? You must be dreaming if you think you can rescue it when it’s already near death and will die even if rescued. Hehe, besides, you can’t break through my array anyway. Hahaha, give it up.”

It turned out that the array below had been set up by this Black Snake Demon.

Did it really intend to devour a True Dragon, like what it said?

Its ambition certainly ain’t small.

Realizing that it had to possess some really frightening techniques for it to be able to keep the True Dragon in captivity all this time, Ye Qingyu developed a cold sweat on his back. The Black Snake Demon was unlikely to be lying, and if it had not been preoccupied with this True Dragon, perhaps he would not have been its match.

However, at present…

“If it was set up by you, perfect. Now, tell me how to break it.” Ye Qingyu transmitted a streak of divine consciousness across.

“Kekekeke… Junior, that’s not something I’ll tell you, forget it.” The voice in the blood pill sounded a little pleased. “Unless you release me, otherwise…”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry for a moment.

He felt that the Black Snake Demon’s IQ was a little on the low side.

Unfortunately for it, it only had a small amount of the wonderful thing that was brains.

As he conjured a thought, a wisp of Immortal qi shot forth from his palm and pierced into the sealed blood pill, after which it burst out a power of annihilation, intent on killing the Black Snake Demon.

“Ughh… what are you doing… How dare you… No… Junior… You’re truly cruel… I said it, I said it… Now stop.”

Squealing like an old hen that was being cut up, the Black Snake Demon soon yielded.

It had no choice, for divine weapons were absolutely its nemesis.

The reason why it was so thoroughly defeated by Ye Qingyu today was that he had cultivated a wisp of Immortal qi which suppressed it completely and rendered its puppet bloodworms and true life core unable to hide. As a result, it was unable to utilize many of its methods. Had it instead faced any other Saint realm expert, even a pinnacle Saint realm one, it would certainly have had a fair chance of winning.

After obtaining the method of breaking the array, Ye Qingyu gave it a quick try and found out that it truly worked.

However, he was in no hurry to break the array.

“You said earlier that you set up the array here because you wanted to devour this True Dragon. What was that about?” Ye Qingyu asked by transmitting another streak of divine consciousness.

“Devouring a True Dragon naturally strengthens one’s body. There’s nothing odd about it. This old dragon has been hibernating in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain for countless years and should’ve died long ago, having lost its former power due to old age. It’s fortunate to have been discovered by me. The Unconventional Mage After consuming it, I’ll be able to truly control and devour the power of the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, hahaha…” The Black Snake Demon laughed wildly.

Devour the power of a domain?

Ye Qingyu suddenly understood a few things.

Tian Huayu had said that the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain still had a thousand years or so to go before it was completely destroyed. However, when Ye Qingyu himself entered the domain and saw to his astonishment how rapidly the situation within was declining, he estimated that it would not last for more than a few hundred years. He now wondered if that was because this Black Snake Demon had devoured its domain power behind the scenes.

What kind of monster is this exactly?

How is it able to devour a domain’s power to speed up its destruction?

He could not help feeling a bout of fear.

I’ve never read about such a creature in the ancient books and records… Could I be overthinking?

Although the Black Snake Demon possessed sentience, it was nothing special, and the fact that it was acting so arrogantly despite being held in captivity indicated that it could never amount to anything great. Therefore, Ye Qingyu was not too worried about it.

Without asking further, Ye Qingyu conjured a few more strands of Immortal qi power and sealed the blood pill completely, amid the crazy roars and curses of the Black Snake Demon.

Subsequently, he broke the [Great Captured Dragon Glimmering Array] using the technique which the demon had revealed.

As ripples flickered within the orange flaming lava, the invisible light shield disappeared and booming blares were heard. A near-substantial True Dragon aura swept head-on at him, shocking him and causing him to hurriedly step back. The fiery flowing light below boiled gurglingly and surged toward the incomparably-massive dragon body, on which the layer of gray dust-like material was visibly dropping off in flakes, and into which the lava was flowing.

Subsequently, scarlet dragon veins began to flicker bit by bit on the dragon body, and in a twinkling, the scales across several dozen kilometers of the body lit up in brilliant splendor. An even more terrifying and vigorous True Dragon aura began to surge and seethe as the flaming lava all around it gathered with increasing frenzy on the dragon body and flowed within, as if wanting to ignite the entirety of it.

The situation was shocking like no other.

Ye Qingyu took continuous steps backward.

This process went on for thirty minutes.

More than seventy percent of the lava from this vast underground orange flaming lava ocean was absorbed into the giant dragon’s body, which, despite its size, did not seem able to accommodate such a huge volume.

Like a drying-up lake, the level of the orange flurry ocean was falling, and had reached a point when it no longer submerged the dragon’s back.

Ye Qingyu was hovering in mid-air.


A breath spurted from the nostrils of the giant dragon, instantly forming a cyclone.

As the dragon revived, two columns of light abruptly appeared from below.

It opened its eyes.

Like divine swords, its eye beams fell upon Ye Qingyu.

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As he was being gazed at by this enormous dragon, Ye Qingyu felt as though a magnificent and uncontrollable force had locked on to him. The force field of Saint realm laws around him indistinctly felt like it was on the verge of collapse. This astonished him and caused him to involuntarily draw back even more, such that he stepped back a total of nearly six hundred meters before he could steady himself.


A vicissitudinous and ancient accent rang out in the space.

Cyclones formed in succession as the giant dragon opened its mouth and breathed, raising up an immeasurable amount of orange lava. This was a natural, rather than a deliberate, emission of its breath. Perhaps because it had just woken up from a deep slumber, the ancient True Dragon was not in full control of its power.

Moreover, the ancient accent that was uttered from its mouth was unclear and strange. Most people would not have been able to understand it at all, and would even have taken it to be nothing but a series of meaningless roars. As luck would have it, however, Ye Qingyu had spent some time carefully studying ancient writings and languages, and was thus able to discern that the word “human” had been uttered, mixed with a kind of uncertainty and surprise.

Subsequently, the giant dragon spoke again without waiting for Ye Qingyu to reply.

“You aren’t a disciple of the Sky Dragon Sect? Who are you?” The same obscure accent was uttered from the giant dragon’s mouth in a manner that was close to roaring. Ye Qingyu was able to perceive the deep uncertainty in its words.

For some time, he did not know how to reply.

Knowing that it did not bear much malice, he said after a pause, “I’m Ye Qingyu of the Heaven Wasteland Domain…”

Before he finished speaking, the massive dragon body made a slight movement as if it wanted to rise up, but it eventually only budged a little and caused the lava ocean to churn, while its breath became heavy. Appearing extremely exhausted, it said, “Which year is it according to the Divine Dragon calendar now… No, why… am I sensing the wails of living things, the aura of death, and the portents of domain destruction… What… is going on, and what happened?”

It was apparently in extreme shock.

Intent on rising up, its massive body struggled once more, but remained unable to as before.

“My power has declined too severely, why is that…” As it gasped strenuously, a storm formed and the elemental forces in the space became disordered, creating a scene akin to an extremely terrifying chaotic windstorm. Its expression seemed to be one of extreme confusion when it looked again at Ye Qingyu.

“Human, what exactly happened?” It asked pantingly.

Ye Qingyu could distinctly feel that the aura of this massive creature had reached its absolute weakest. But of course, this was relative to its massive body and legendary race. It apparently did not know what had happened in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain, nor that the Black Snake Demon had set up an array to devour its power.

After a brief pause, Ye Qingyu released a streak of divine consciousness which contained an account of everything that happened in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain.

The giant dragon received this streak of divine consciousness.

After a good while.

“This day was inevitable, eh?”

It seemed to have finally digested everything that took place in this domain, and muttered to itself in a tone which contained indescribable bleakness and loneliness and a faint despair. Nevertheless, it did not appear overly shocked.

Judging from its tone, it seemed to know a few things.

A sort of deep sadness filled the Void.

Even at a distance, Ye Qingyu was infected by these kind of sentiments, and his mood inexplicably lowered.

But he quickly realized that this was not right, and immediately operated the nameless breathing technique to guard his mental state. It took a bout of sharp pain from biting the tip of his own tongue for him to become completely clear-headed and shake off the sad emotions.

“That’s scary, it’s indeed proving to be an ancient creature. To think its emotions can actually infect and disturb a Saint.”

A certain degree of astonishment involuntarily arose in his heart.

Unexpectedly, the giant dragon’s highly-natural mood swings were comparable to many psychological tricks, such that he nearly fell prey to them. Even in its weakest state, it proved that a True Dragon was indeed a kind of ancient creature which was in the same class as fiendgods. Had it been at the peak of its powers, perhaps he would have instantly become completely lost and confused in such a sorrowful atmosphere.

He took continuous steps backward.

Below him.

“I was ultimately unable to wait until that day. I’ve disappointed you, father…” The giant dragon sighed, steeped in grief. “I’d never thought that monster would reappear. I was too careless and actually allowed such a little monster to plot against me… A new reincarnation is about to begin. Who will come to hold up the sky this time?”

The giant dragon murmured to itself.

It seemed to have forgone the plans to stand up, and instead coiled quietly where it was.

Ye Qingyu, too, did not know what else to say.

Should I leave now?


He could not make up his mind.

Just then, the giant dragon lifted its head slightly and looked at Ye Qingyu again. After sizing him up, it asked with some uncertainty, “Human, you aren’t a disciple of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, yet I can sense a familiar aura on you… Why is that so? Is that… a True Dragon aura? How’s that possible?”

Ye Qingyu was taken slightly aback.

A dragon aura?

“Is it because of the [Dragonblood Halberd]? Perhaps, being an ancestral weapon of the Dragon Human Race, it has a tinge of True Dragon aura?” Believing this to be the case, Ye Qingyu offered an explanation.

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