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Nangong Yun finally came to a realization.

This guy is really as cunning as an old fox.

Meng Ying Ying sat on the beast wagon and asked: “Chu Tian, can you really save Master Zhang?”

“Of course, I can”

“Is it difficult to save him?”

“No, it’s not”

“Then why won’t you save him?”

Chu Tian seemed as if he did not give much thoughts about this matter: “Why are you so anxious? He is not going to suddenly die, let’s just leave him hanging for a while.”

This left Meng Ying Ying completely speechless. She just could not understand Chu Tian’s way of thinking.

Chu Tian suddenly recalled something and immediately sat straight up: “How much did we earn today? Quickly take it out and look; it’s time to split the profits.”

Meng Ying Ying took out her purse and poured out a handful of gold coins. She then began to count the coins one by one: “We only set up the stall for three hours and earned 140 gold coins. According to the agreement that we had made, here’s your share: 70 gold coins.”

Meng Ying Ting quickly handed over half of the gold coins without any hesitation.

The money we have earned this evening, is almost one year’s worth of allowance!

On the first day of business, there wasn’t enough manpower at hand, nor enough material, and there was also a lack of experience; thus, the flow of income was limited. If we managed to build a solid reputation, we could expand by opening new stores; a few hundred gold a day would be considered little!

At that rate, we could easily pocket thousands of gold coins every single month!

Because there was no competition, expanding into other markets would not be a difficult task!

Nan Yun Commerce managed eight shops which generated an average total revenue of around 20,000 to 30,000 gold coins every month, with a net profit of around 10,000 gold coins. If this steak business was managed properly, then we might over take the commerce that JieJie painstakingly manages.

Meng Ying Ying thought, if JieJie knew about this, would she feel happy or depressed?

“Wait, stop the cart!”

“What for?”

“Now that I’ve have some money, I want to buy something.”

Meng Ying Ying said, without thinking: “I will go too!”

Chu Tian wondered: “Why would you want to go?”

Meng Ying Ying blinked: “Because I am curious!”

In the past, a senior had said to Chu Tian that if a woman appears to have a strong curiosity towards a man, then there are only two ways to solve the problem.

First way – Kill her.

Second way – Sleep with her.

(EN: Advice for life right there!)


Tian Nan City, the mayor’s mansion.

A middle-aged man in a purple robe sat before a desk. He had grey temples and a square face. One did not need to see him angry to sense his power and prestige. His brows knitted while looking at the scroll in his hand, as if he had encountered a difficult problem.

He was Tian Nan City’s mayor – Nangong Yi!

The mayor was the most powerful person in a city. The situations in a city determine how hard their lives are. Tian Nan city was located on the outer frontier in the country. Here, there are bandits, beasts, and other races; each by themselves capable of causing trouble for the city. In addition, there were many unexplained mysterious events occurring in the area. All of these had caused Nangong Yi a lot of trouble.

However, what stressed him out until his hair turned white was not the problem with his territory, but with his outstanding trouble-making daughter!


The room’s door was brutally kicked open!

Both guards shivered, neither dared to oppose!

“Pop, guess what I brought back?” Nangong Yun kicked open the door, assiduously intruding into the room: “Supper!”

Nangong Yi reluctantly closed the scroll: “What are you up to this time?”

“Hey, what are you saying? Pop is so hard working and has to work late into the night, of course you must eat something to replenish!”

“You can give up the act!”

Nangong Yun opened the bag and brought out all its contents: “Your favourite fairy wine, delicious grilled fish from the south of the city, herbal porridge from the west of the city, and lastly the most amazing…the super outstandingly delicious moonlight yak steak, taste this first!”

Nangong Yi looked at the steak: “Why is half of it missing?”

Nangong Yun blushed and said: “What if someone tried to harm you? As your daughter, I have the responsibility to eat half of it to test for poison! That is not important, hurry up and try it!”

Nangong Yi cut a small piece and put it into his mouth. He closed his eyes and carefully tasted the meat. Nangong Yi was very particular about food; he could immediately taste the meat’s distinct qualities: “This meat is soft and tender, savoury and juicy. To make beast meat taste this good, they are indeed different from others. Where did you buy this?”

Nangong Yun directly held out her hand towards Nangong Yi: “Don’t worry too much, pay up!”

Nangong Yi was not a bit surprised, as if he had known beforehand: “How much?”

Nangong Yun said without even thinking: “50,000 gold!”

This time, Nangong Yi almost choked to death: “cough cough cough…How much? 50,000 gold!”

“Your daughter wants to invest in a big project!”

The countless lessons from the past had taught Nangong Yi not to believe in his daughter’s words: “I can give you at most 200 gold for allowance. This is the last time this month. Regarding the investment, don’t mention it anymore.”

Nangong Yun said anxiously: “Pops, you must trust me!”

“How can I trust you?”

“Tian Nan city raised a genius!”

“So what? There are plenty of geniuses these days!”

“That genius created a frying pan that can cook beast meat, this steak is made with that frying pan, even an idiot can make delicious beast meat with it. Their business just started and they do not have everything up and running yet. I will appear as an angel investor. It is guaranteed to make big money. Within half a year, I guarantee that I will pay back with interest; no, I will pay you back double!”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“I am not lying, haven’t you had enough of being a poor mayor? Trust me, we will be rich in a year or two, and then those snobs from the family clan will all come to lick our feet!”

Nangong Yun’s mouth became dry from talking.

Nangong Yi continued to strongly reject the idea.

“Fool! Retard! Stupid pops! Just wait and regret it!”

“Why are you taking away my supper?”

“Who said it’s yours, this is the snack I bought for Da Bai to eat!”

(TL Note: “Da Bai to eat” in Chinese is which sounds exactly the same as which means retard)

Nangong Yun stormed out of the room. Her mood flipped faster than one could flip a page in a book. Nangong Yi felt helpless regarding Nangong Yun. Even if she had always been mischievous since childhood, there is still a limit on how far you can go. It’s not that the city hall cannot afford tens of thousands of gold, but that it is unacceptable for it to be used by her daughter to squander around!

Nangong Yi might not have realized that at the time, he had really miscalculated! Super Drug Refinement Array

Tian Nan city, Herbal Refining Market.

Chu Tian walked in together with Meng Ying Ying.

An attractive young saleswoman came up to greet them, saying: “Welcome to the Herbal Refining Market. What kind of medicinal herbs would you like to buy?”

“Wujin Ginseng, Six-colored Sunflower, Decan Chrysalis, Decan Scorpion, Zijin Bone, and most importantly, Sansheng Demon Worm!” Chu Tian quickly gave an extensive list of medicinal herbs without hesitation, “Bring me two of each kind, and please be quick about it.”

The young saleswoman swallowed her saliva and said: “Sansheng demon worms are a very rare ingredient and are very limited in quantity. Every month Tian Nan market would have at most a dozen of them available to sell. But today your luck is good, we have exactly two of these in stock, each priced at 50 gold coins, so totalling together with other items, the price would be 291 gold coins.”

Chu Tian looked at the glowering Meng Ying Ying who stood dumbstruck beside him and said: “A set of these herbs is for you, don’t ask why right now, but you will not regret it. “

Such expensive herbs, before even at the point of death Meng Ying Ying wouldn’t dare to buy it. However, now it was different, as Meng Ying Ying felt that because she could now make money, she had some confidence in herself and has become more generous with money. She quickly drew forth her purse, reluctantly counted out 291 gold coins and handed them over to the saleswoman. Soon, they received the medicinal herbs and were just getting ready to leave.

Suddenly, a huge, fat body walked over.

“Hold on!”

“These two portions of San Sheng demon worms, I will take them.”

The young saleswoman’s face revealed an expression of dread: “Ye Clan housekeeper?!”

“If you know that it’s me, then why are you still wasting time talking?” The Ye Clan’s housekeeper was a middle-aged man with a stout body; he impatiently beckoned to her: “Young master is refining a pill and is nearing a critical moment, if young master’s pill refining is delayed at a critical time, can you bear the responsibility?”

The young saleswoman gave an awkward glance at Chu Tian: “But the guests have already paid the money, according to the rules, I have no right to reclaim the sold goods…..”

“Fuck!” The Ye family housekeeper gave a hard slap across the face of the saleswoman, and said “Go to hell with your rules; pack up and leave! Never come back again in the future! Hurry up and get out!”

Covering her swollen face, the young saleswoman fell down onto her knees, and cried out: “I am really sorry, I am really sorry, please forgive me! I cannot live without this job, I’m begging master to spare me!”

“Get the hell outta here immediately!” The Ye family housekeeper directly disregarded the saleswoman and fixed his gaze upon Chu Tian. When he saw Chu Tian dressed in shabby clothes, which were filthy and covered in greasy dirt, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes, “Boy, are you a piece of wood, or are you deaf? Didn’t you hear that I need the Sansheng demon worms? I’ll give you 80 gold coins, quickly give me those two portions of Sansheng demon worms.”

Meng Ying Ying was already upset upon the sight of the rude fatty, and at this time her anger soared to new heights: “Do you take us as fools, we just spent 100 gold coins to buy these herbs, yet you wish to take it away for 80 gold coins, how can you still prattle such shameless words?”

“These herbs aren’t worth a single cent in your hands; but whereas in our young master’s hands, they can become pills worth multiple times as much, don’t be unable to distinguish between good and bad!”

“Bah! This is blatant robbery! Even if I was feeding this to dogs I wouldn’t give it to you!”

Ye clan housekeeper’s fat face shook, pointing his finger at Meng Ying Ying and cursing angrily at her: “The young master is the successor of the president of the Pharmacist Association, don’t even mention needing your medicine, even if he wants you to sleep with him, that would be considered him thinking highly of you, and you would have to obediently wash yourself clean and get on the bed to wait for him! If you dare say the word ‘no’, you wouldn’t have to think of living in Tian Nan City anymore!”

When the Ye clan housekeeper spoke up to this point, his tone suddenly changed: “You have already missed the chance, now I can give you only 50 gold coins. I’ll say this one last time, take out those medicinal herbs!”

Damn! It’s really strange!

How did they meet so many outstanding people in a single night?

Simply unbearable!

Chu Tian didn’t speak any further. With steps as quick as an arrow he strode forward, fiercely swinging out a fist that heavily landed on the fatty’s face.


Even if all of the fat on his face could dampen the damage, Chu Tian’s punch was still mostly effective!

The Ye family housekeeper’s nose-bridge was broken, and several teeth were cracked right on the spot. He let out desperate screams like a pig getting slaughtered, lying on the ground with blood smeared all over his face: “How dare you hit me! Don’t you know who I am?”

Chu Tian heavily stomped on him: “Hitting you is already considered thinking highly of you! Why do I have to know who you are?”

Awake on his bed Housekeeper Ye angrily shouted: “Provoking the young master, Tian Nan City has no place for you to hide! You are dead for sure!”

“Too noisy!”

Chu Tian stomped his foot down, Housekeeper Ye’s barely remaining front teeth were all broken, and directly swallowed into his stomach; his face was flushed a deep red and both hands kept on struggling with no avail to get away from Chu Tian’s feet.

“Miss, what are you looking at? Let’s go!”

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