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Chen Ning’s eyes instantly shone, and hurriedly nodded.

“I still have matters to attend to, so I will be leaving.” It wasn’t good for a demonic beast to be too enthusiastic. Zhu Yao hugged Yue Yin tightly, and left Qiwu Pavilion. Flying on her sword, she flew towards Azureflight.

A few minutes later.

“Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao looked at the figure behind her, and her head began to ache.

Chen Ning resoundingly replied. “This subordinate pledges his life to serve Lord!”

Serve your sister! This old lady doesn’t want a follower at all. Honestly, you imprinted onto me, haven’t you?

Zhu Yao really didn’t know just how effective was the so-called dragon bloodline towards demonic beasts. Why was it that, as long as she released her dragon’s aura, she would be chased by such demonic beasts that would pester her to no end? He wouldn’t go away after a beating, nor would he move from being scolded.

No matter how horrible her words were, he would still reply with a smile. “As long as lord wills it!”

Then, roll on the ground!

And in the end, he really went to roll on the ground, before he continued to follow her.

Zhu Yao no longer had any ideas, hence, she could only allow Chen Ning to follow her all the way back to Azureflight.

In just a few short years, Azureflight had already adopted a whole new look. The ruined grounds that had been razed and destroyed by the heretic practitioners back then, had already changed into a different sight. Although the traces of repairs could still be seen everywhere, the place was filled with vitality.

Unsure if it was because Sesame had sensed her presence, when Zhu Yao arrived on the mountain peak, all eighty three little radishes, including Yu Yao and Sesame, had already stood neatly on the plaza in front of the main hall, waiting for her arrival.

“Greetings to Sect Master.” A resounding and collective voice rang, as all of them bowed towards her together.

“Good boys and girls.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

She then began to size up the crowd of little radishes. No, they could no longer be called little radishes. Evidently, every single of them had grown by a single head, and the youngest among them was already ten years old.

“Master.” Yu Yao was undoubtedly the happiest, as she hurriedly walked over.

Only to be intersected along the way. A white figure flashed, and he pounced straight towards Zhu Yao. “Mistress, meow~~”

Zhu Yao stepped to the side.

Bam! Sesame’s face made contact with the ground.

However, without a mind, he crawled up, and hugged her leg. “Mistress, little beastie really missed you.”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao wanted to pull out her leg with all her might, however, no matter what she did, she was unable to. The hell, Sesame. Do you have to be this shameless every single time you appear!?

Just when Zhu Yao was about to adopt a more forceful approach, Yue Yin, who was in her arms, suddenly woke up, as he rubbed his eyes.

His legs moved, as though he wanted to get down. Hence, Zhu Yao instinctively released her hand.

And thus, with his little feet, he stepped straight on Sesame’s face.

Sesame instantly released his hands, and began to cry at the corner, while holding onto his face which was printed with two footmarks.

Good job! Zhu Yao gave little Yue Yin a thumbs up. However, he simply looked blankly at her, before he spontaneously pulled onto the corner of her robe.

“Master, these two people are?” Yu Yao looked at the two people behind her, and simply ignored Sesame’s shameless action. That’s right, she was already used to it.

“I will speak of this matter later.” Zhu Yao greeted the little radishes, and at the same time, began to examine their homework.

Probably because she was present this time, the little radishes worked especially hard in their practice matches. In actual fact, Zhu Yao’s trip to Celestial Indus Sect this time, did not even make up a total of ten days. Including Wu Song, among them, there were already five people who had built their Foundation. And, there were even ten who were at the tenth level of Essence. It seemed like, in less than two years, a half of the little radishes here would have built their Foundation.

It seemed like the method of training in a group was really doable. Not only was it effective in actual battles, it was extremely good in raising one’s cultivation level as well. Although everyone had differences in their cultivation speed, the difference among those in the same team was not significant.

After Zhu Yao was done examining their homework, she casually pointed out a few amendments, and the sky had already begun to darken. Thus, she scattered everyone, and had Wu Song and Yu Luo enter the Main Hall.

She gave Yue Yin and Chen Ning some simple introductions. She didn’t expose Chen Ning’s identity as a demonic beast, and simply brought up his matters as a merchant. However, naturally, this matter could not be hidden from Sesame. After all, Sesame himself was a demonic beast, and had long seen through his real identity with a single glance. Adding that he was a tenth-ranked demonic beast as well, all the more did he see him as an eyesore.

Ever since they were at the plaza earlier, the two of them had been staring at each other for a long time. Zhu Yao could even faintly see the sparks that were flying between their eyes, though there basically wasn’t any gay feelings going on.

Zhu Yao sighed. Compared to that pair, Wu Song and Yu Luo could be said to have feelings that had lasted for a long time. Especially the eye contacts they made every once in awhile, where one of them would gaze at the other lovingly while the other would look on shyly, could basically blind the eyes of a single loner.

Zhu Yao, who was that single loner, silently lowered her head and looked at Yue Yin who had already fallen asleep in her embrace. Alright then, she could barely be considered as one of a pair.

I really miss master!

“You two should be tired as well, go on then.” Stop harming this single loner whose crush was in a different place. “Yu Luo, pack up, we will be returning to Ancient Hill Sect tomorrow.”

Yu Luo was startled. The reddened face she had earlier instantly paled a little.

Wu Song exchanged glances with her, before stepping out. “Sect Master, this disciple still has some uncertainties with his cultivation, and require senior-martial sister to provide more pointers. If possible…”

“If possible?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “If possible what?”

Wu Song seemed to be a little afraid of looking at her expression, and only stutter out a moment later. “If possible… Have her… Have her stay here for a few more days, so as to guide… this disci-, no, the disciples.”

Zhu Yao looked at him. Oh? Trying to take my disciple away from me? How can it be this easy? “Azureflight had only been established recently, and there are many matters to attend to. I only have this one precious disciple of mine, how can I bear to have her stay here to suffer?”

“Master, I’m not afraid of suffering.” Yu Luo hurriedly expressed.

“I will take good care of senior-martial sister.” Wu Song immediately spoke up as well.

“How are you going to take care of her? And for how long?” Zhu Yao continued with her questions.

“Naturally, the longer senior-martial sister is willing to stay, the longer I will take care of her.”

“Never to betray her?”


“Good!” Zhu Yao patted heavily on his shoulders. “I will then hand my disciple to you then. I’m watching you, alright? Oh, right. You best prepare a bigger dowry.”

“…” Wu Song was startled, only a moment later did he understand what she meant. Instantly, his face flushed. He slowly looked towards Yu Yao, and after seeing that her face was even redder than his, he revealed a silly smile.

“Master…” Yu Yao acted as though as she was furious, and glared towards her.

Yo, you actually became embarrassed at a time like this? If you have the ability, don’t laugh.

“I’m only speaking the truth. The person Wu Song wishes to marry is the daughter of the Ancient Hill Sect Master, you know? He must show some sincerity, right?”

“Master!” The little radish erupted.

“Alright, we can speak of this matter again in the future.” Zhu Yao curled her lips. She must still give Wu Song some time to save up money, right? She wondered just how Zi Mo would react if he were to know of this piece of news. Thinking about this, she really looked forward to it!

After that, she instructed them on the Sect’s matters that would accumulate in these upcoming days, before having them head out to arrange a residence for Chen Ning.

“Sesame, stay behind!” Chapter 114: Changing Maps to Fight Mobs

As he was about to turn around, Sesame’s eyes shone, and they were filled with suspicious tears. “Mistress, I just knew, that you still love me.”

“… On second thought, you can go as well.”

“Meoow~” Sesame had already hugged her thigh with an excited expression. After being kicked away, he still came forward to hug it again. Only when he no longer see the three people who left, did he cry out. “Mistress, how can you be so ruthless, and so unfair… How can you keep other beasts other than Sesame?”

“Who did I keep?”

“Eh? Didn’t you take in that tenth-ranked beast?”

I took in your sister. How could he expressed it in the way such that she had taken in a mistress?

“Then, Mistress, why did you bring him back?”

Zhu Yao actually had her own plans for bringing Chen Ning here. It was not easy to raise a Sect, especially for someone like her who was especially affluent, yet, penniless. Although Chen Ning was a demonic beast, he was after all, rich. Building a good relationship to pull in some sponsorship, was a pretty good choice as well.

So, ultimately, the reason was. “Because we’re poor!”

Sesame: “…”

“Get up, I have some matters to ask you about.” This thigh-hugging habit of his, just when could he get rid of it?

Zhu Yao firstly cast a Deep Sleep incantation on Yue Yin, before casting a shielding formation on the Main Hall with hand seals.

“Sesame, do you know what kind of Mystic Arts, of Mystic Tools, can exist as a shadow?” She wasn’t even able to find a single clue regarding that shadow in Qiwu Pavilion. Most probably, even if she returned to Ancient Hill Sect, it would be impossible for her to obtain results with her investigation. Although Sesame was a demonic beast, after all, he came down from the Higher Realm, so the things he knew were more profound than most.

“Shadow?” Sesame was startled for a moment. “What kind of shadow?”

“It’s able to latch on a human’s body, and on first glance, it looks similar to a ghost.” Zhu recalled the look of that shadow. “Though, it does not have the features of a ghost, it’s as though… it’s a human shadow, and has a figure corresponding to that of a human’s.”

Sesame sensed the seriousness in her words, and pondered with his head lowered. “I have never heard of a shadow with those features, and I have never heard of any existence of such Mystic Arts. A regular long-term active Mystic Art usually prioritizes latency, if it has a materialized form, then that Mystic Art is considered an irregularity.”

“What if the user is unable to see it?” That shadow often crawled up to Mu Meiyan’s ears, and seemed to be conversing with her. However, usually, when one spoke, it was a human’s instinctive behavior to turn to look at the party who was speaking. However, Mu Meiyan did not.

It seemed like even Mu Meiyan herself was unable to see that black shadow. Other people did not have any sort of reaction either, except her.

“Is it possible for it to be related to a possession-type Mystic Art? And that shadow is extremely vigilant. It’s even able to easily sense a Demigod. That shadow seems to be emitting… a power that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Theoretically speaking, back then, she was already that cautious. Even late-stage Demigods would not have been able to sense her, yet, that shadow managed to realize her. And, she suffered injuries just by its single glance.

“…” Sesame suddenly widened his eyes, and his expression was a little pale. “In that case, unless it had already ascended…”

Zhu Yao was startled. “You’re saying, someone had descended onto the Lower Realm?”

Sesame nodded, just when he was about to add on.

Suddenly, a stream of wind swept past, and Zhu Yao felt a chill running down her spine. Reflexively, she instantly summoned a defensive barrier, however, she was forced back by a few dozen meters by a gigantic force.

Zhu Yao simply felt a rumbling in her chest. A strong smell of blood surged up, and she only managed to suppress it down after using all her might.

A strange laughter suddenly sounded within the room. It felt sinister and dark, and even the temperature had instantly dropped quite a bit.

“Who is it?”

Sesame instantly reverted to his original form, and at that moment, he filled half of the entire half. Yet, no matter what he did, he could not find the source of that sudden outburst of force.

He was unable to see it, however, Zhu Yao could. A person was currently standing right at the center of the hall.

No, that couldn’t be considered as a human, rather, it was just a shadow. That shadow was like a water wave, shaking about. Yet, the aura emitted by its surroundings was especially chilling. Even though she was separated so far away from it, she could still faintly sense a chilling intent that was currently piercing into her bones.

This was definitely that shadow that had been following Mu Meiyan around. But, why did it make an appearance here? And, the moment it came, it went straight for the kill.

Sesame was still tumbling randomly around the hall, as though he was trying to find his target of attack.

That shadow slightly tilted its head upwards. Although Zhu Yao was unable to see its expression, she was still able to sense that it was definitely carrying a mocking expression.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate in the slightest, and instantly summoned her own Sword Intent. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she charged straight towards the shadow in the center of the hall. The lightning Phoenix that was summoned, carried the might of a Demigod, and it flew speedily over.

She was unable to discern the strength of this shadow, so, she could only hope for a one-hit kill.

The entire hall instantly tilted. The path that the Phoenix had taken, slashed out a huge rift, as the Phoenix instantly penetrated through that shadow.

Zhu Yao, however, was stunned. She did not experience even the slightest of feedback that signified that she had struck accurately. That shadow… did not have a physical form!

What was going on?

“Hohohoho…” That strange laughter, once again sounded out. At the place where the shadow disappeared earlier, a black substance was currently being gathered, instantly restoring the figure of the black shadow.

The hell, just what the hell is this?

Before Zhu Yao could even recall her Sword Intent, with a gentle wave of its body, that shadow had actually appeared right in front of her.

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